The society for promoting the international exchange of music loving children.




Looking back on the works for twenty three years
Interview with Mr. Yutaka Murakami, a founder of The Violet Society

Founder, Mr.Yutaka Murakami  This commemorative photo was taken in front of Bayreuther Festspielhaus after Bayreuth Japan-German Exchanging Concert on July 23, 2011. You can see Mr. Kiichirou Mamine, a first generation student of Suzuki Method. Mr. Isamu Sasaki, Ms. Yukiko Iimuro, Ms. Yasuyo Matsui, Ms. Naomi Pikari, Mr. Ryuji Nara, and Ms. Kazuko Umemura are there also. They are teachers and participate in the concert. Mr. Davidson, a conductor from Gold Coast, participated in it with six strings students. Children were so nervous of performing at the start of The Violet Society that we needed to work hard to make them relaxed in the atmosphere of Europe. When we told Dr. Suzuki about it after we came back to Japan, he said, “I was in lone position, too. We need to keep trying and then we will see our own way.” Many years have passed and European countries came to trust us more. They showed their assurance of success, saying, “We are assured of success if Mr. Murakami is here.”

  We have four essentials of the Society:
1.Performance in the church
2.Participation in the music festival
3.Interchange with each region
4.Home stay

  It is not merely a concert tour, but a wonderful opportunity to share Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy of cultivation and richness of spirit. It helps children develop their music skill, and also I hope it helps them improve “sense for life to live” which includes a correct judgment or correct selection.

  After twenty three years of persevering with happiness and unhappiness, I think I could keep working because teachers exerted themselves to make wonderful success, as this German concert tour from July 21 through 29, 2011. Dr. Suzuki’s idea, “There is one world“which Mr. Kiichirou Mamine in Berlin also said, is a principle as a spirit of Suzuki family. I really hope that The Violet Society will be inherited to next generation in the future.

Introduction of The Violet Society

  The Violet Society was inaugurated in 1988 by the volunteer spirit and fellowship of interested Suzuki method teachers as an auxiliary organization of Talent Education Research Institute. The purposes are development of children’s understanding of the world and music exchanging, and primary sharing Dr. Suzuki’s magnificent idea, “the heart of Suzuki family in the world” For children, the best ideal is that every child can participate in the Society without selection and has right for it. The cost of management and activity is covered by personal funds.

  The students from each part of Japan try to make best performance together cooperating as a class regardless of branch or teacher they belong to. When “one drop of mixed paint” is dropped into clear water in the glass, the water will become black. It leads to massive failure. Students must practice well not to become an annoyance to other students.

  There are four essentials concerning performance:
1.Performance in church
2.Exchanging performance with music school or Suzuki school
3.Participating performance in exciting big music festival
4.Home stay in a family in the region

  Preparing for concerts, guiding audience, and the way of exchanging are arranged by OIK with the cooperation from staffs without contract of association (more than thirty cities in Europe); governner、a mayor, a chairperson of music festival, a priest of church, Dietman, and music schools. We can receive advices from Board of Education for all educational activities. Therefore we are independent from political and religious parties. We also receive subsidy for activity funds from Local Affairs Bureau of Agency of Cultural Affairs.

  Children in the sensitive and growth period of life are welcomed in happy homes of foreign countries, and experience impression of different culture and wonderful concerts. Not aiming perfect performance, performance with honest feeling bursts into applause and children experience impression they never had before. People are surrounded by Sprit of music. Endeavor and friendship of many people bear fruit when children tell us the joy of performance and resonance, and impression of concert with their eyes shining. Then small violet grows up and becomes big one and blooms with strong fragrance and elegance.

Fri. August 9 through Mon. August 19, 2013
We will have “The Violet Society 2013” Europe tour.

itineraryWe are sorry that it has already passed the deadline.

We will perform in France and Germany this year. We will also perform in the prestigious music festival.

2013 “The Violet Society” France and Germany Concert Tour Itinerary (New)
We will be happy if Suzuki teachers and students will appreciate the concert.
If you are interested in this concert, please contact with Ms. Yasuyo Matsui.

Kinki Nihon Tourist which arranges the tour announced the tour itinerary.
We hope many people participate in it.
Let’s make Suzuki’s sound in Europe.
Let’s enjoy children’s growth.

Download the itinerary here